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The Lamplighters - Reviews

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**** "Crackles with authenticity...with excellent performances and a great twist, this is definitely a production worth braving the chill weather for."


*****  "Fast paced humour - the cast fuse black comedy with moments of genuine fear and obsession.  strong performances from everyone....the plot's twist and turns have you guessing until the end."

The Upcoming

**** "A near masterclass...with the right amount of plot twists and unexpected turns to keep an audience riveted until its final moments.  The play deserves a West end run."

The Public Reviews

"Raw, gripping and in-your-face"


"With a well-known telly name, could tour...."


"Fine performances...filled with witty dialogue pace and punch...packed with twists and turns, this is definitely the play for you."


**** "Immensely satisfying...deserves a West End outing."

One Stop Arts

*****"A fabulous script...skilful direction...beautifully delivered by a committed and talented cast."

Fourthwall magazine

"A well-acted psycho thriller"   Time Out